As the 7 Wonders box opens, a gust of air blows out of it and winds throughout the room, carrying the cards and Wonder boards. You feel the wind grow more powerful as it forms a tornado. You're no longer able to fight it and it lifts you up, carrying you into its eye, as though an implacable force is dragging you into the heart of a maelstrom. The scenery surrounding you grows increasingly larger... or are you shrinking.

Astounded by what you've just gone through, you open your eyes and gaze upon a landscape you recognize from the illustrations of the 7 Wonders. But these are no illustrations; you are standing among the 7 Wonders themselves! Remarkable as they are, there seems to be no way to return home.

Thankfully, a man with a piercing gaze welcomes you to this world: “I think you’re lost… A portal allowing you to go home exists somewhere in this world. But first you’ll have to prove your valor to 7 of us. Visit each of the Wonders and resolve the riddle waiting for you there. By doing this, you’ll earn clues, which will allow you to solve the mystery of 7 Wonders, which in turn will allow you to go home.

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